You and your organisation have done well. Now it is time for the next leap.
KARE-PRP, a copyrighted business turnaround program

Without any further investment in any kind of resources


Building capability, increasing efficiency and taking responsibility can lead to highest levels of productivity. When this is triggered at an individual’s level, at a team’s level or business unit level, the whole organization is poised for transformation.

We enable this through a very scientifically developed and evolved program called KARE-PRP. KARE-PRP is copyrighted concept which dilutes the intensity of procrastination, triggers the sense of responsibility and generates Productivity in relationship and Profitability in Business in 6 steps with guaranteed time bound result.

What is there for organizations ?

  • Developing a strong work culture
  • Efficient organizational processes and systems
  • Increase in productivity and profitability
  • Communicate organizational goals that get results Learning Objectives
  • Tangible outcomes within guaranteed time
  • Re-engineering to get you to the next level
  • Capitalize on your employees’ natural motivators for success

Prof. Krupanand

  • Corporate work experience of 14 Yrs
  • Worked extensively and closely with MD, Directors and other decision makers
  • Played a role at NCERT
  • Trained 16000+ human minds
  • Now an accomplished business coach- works closely with organizations for their transformation.
    • Progress Consultant
    • Motivational Speaker
    • Corporate Trainer
    • Communication Expert
    • Inventor & Founder of Patented KARE PRP Therapy


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Feedback from Sunidhi Finance after conducting KARE-PRP program

  • Productivity increased remarkably and work culture completely transformed where people took more ownership of their work.
  • Retail sales increased from 3 Cr/day to 12 Cr/day during the execution ( post 4 sessions).
  • Management is very happy with the result ,commitment and ownership shown by the core team who participated in the program.
  • Confidence level of proprietary desk increased to such a level that participant dealt in 2000 Cr in a week’s time, it happened for the first time in the 60 year comapny history.
  • Personal and professional life of the participants improved to remarkable levels.

Guaranteed PROFITABILITY in business within 1 year after successful completion of KARE-PRP program